Social media marketing?: Social media marketing for businesses

Since the last few recent years, the growth of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and many more has rapidly hiked up.

This growth influenced many brands to show up their content in these social platforms for better customer engagement and sales growth. Which turn out to be termed as social media marketing

Now millions of brands are using these social platforms for their business growth. This is now very common for brands to market their product and services on social media.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM, in simple words, the use of social media for creating awareness about your brand or for your business growth.

This way of marketing involves several activities like creating posts or infographics, sharing information about the brand, building followers, growing business pages and engagement.

Big companies use Social media marketing on a large scale as this is method is highly potential. Since big brands use SMM for their growth, thus this method is very effective for small business owners.

Why business are opting SMM or social media marketing?

In the last few years, social platforms are getting millions of new users every month. This increased the engagement of customers with brands through their business pages and profiles, ultimately business growth.

Not only this, SMM is a very conventional and affordable way of digital marketing. Not only you are reaching world wide audience but getting a considerable engagement as well, ultimately sales.

Big brands now invent a big figure of capital in digital marketing, thus Social media marketing.

This is the reason why you see tons of paid or sponsored ads on your social profiles.

Through this way companies generate tons of targeted leads for their products and eventually sales.

SMM created a revolution in online business world.

Now why you should be opting SMM?

  1. World wide reach to the audience: using any social media you can reach and audience with interest
  2. Cost effective: this is very strong point of SMM, you can reach huge size of audience by spent very small amount of capital
  3. Easy to use: the simplicity of SMM make it use for any person for any products or services
  4. Versatility for business: this way of marketing can be used for any business model, weather it is small or big one.

Now the most important question, how you can start social media marketing for your business?

#1 figure out you goal

Before starting with any marketing model you should be having a clear vision and understanding of your business model, that it work and how it can help others to grow.

You should be providing more value to your customer for building trust and relationships and charge less initially. This will help you to build an empire in long term.

Now that you have a clear image of your business, now you have to understand how social media marketing works for any business model.

Since we will be using social platforms, you should know how other brands are using social media for their growth, go and check how they are creating content to promote their products and services.

This will create an image for you to get an idea, how you can create content for your business that can create awareness

#2 Content creation

Now your focus should be how you can create content to post it on social media.

Take a look at your competitor, what kind of content they are creating to influence people. Don’t copy them just get inspire yourself.

you can use several apps or software like, Canva, Adobe spark and many more to create templates and posters.

Now every post should be unique and attractive, so that more and more people get engaged. This will create awareness of your brand.

Learn a few skills like copywriting, content creation, graphic design and content marketing. These skills will help you to create amazing and attractive content for your audience.

#3 Recognize you audience.

It is very important to understand how can find the right or winning audience for your brand. To understand this you have to create an audience persona.

Basically you have to understand your audience’s behavior, how you can do that?

Create a check list, who might be interest in your brand?

why they would be interested?

what are the other thing might be interested in?

What are the things they might be looking for?

How you can solve their problem?

These are just examples, but this how your basic approach should be.

#4 provide value

This can be a complex task to perform as per your business, but this the key to attracting your audience or prospects.

let’s understand with an example: If you are doing a digital marketing business, You have to figure out what you can provide something free initially, something valuable.

This will attract more audience and trust. Now do the same with your business. Try to provide something valuable or maybe something for free to gain initial sales.

#5 analyze content performance

When you are using social media it is very important to analyze which type of content is performing better and which is not.

Find the winning content and focus on such content, while this also keep a eye other content are not performing well?

Every social platform provides some tool for free or you can use paid tools as well to monitor you grow and engagements.

Using such tools you can easily analyze what is working and what is not.

#6 Educate yourself about the algorithms and ranking factors

We will understand this topic with the actual mechanisms used in some social media.

Let’s talk about Instagram, how it manages your content ranking whenever searched and the answer is #HASHTAHGS

Instagram uses hashtags to recognize your content and to rank it, so when you upload an image of any car and use #car in the caption, then your uploaded image will be listed there when someone will search car

Although there are many other factors on which ranking depends but hashtags are a major one.

So this is why educating yourself about how different algorithm works for different platforms is vital to last in social media marketing

How social media marketing is changing?

Earlier when digital marketing was a fascinating and high tech process, it was very to rank your content and make it viral.

But over time number of brands and users increased, due to this more and more content started to upload. Due to this, algorithms of social platforms started evolving in order to manage such massive collection od content.

Now algorithms focuses on making user’s experience better, now their AI know what you are uploading.

So nowadays quality of content is something which should be focus over quantity.